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Finding my 'Freedom' Wings

Are you flapping your new found freedom wings in level 2?

I am intrigued by the different reactions from people who have ventured out today or about to venture out.  For some there is a sense of excitement and some have anxiety as they leave the safety of their homes. 

Its made me think about the butterfly emerging from the safety of the chrysalis to flapping its wings for the first time to flying away into its new found freedom.   

Such wonderful stories have been shared of families spending more time together, and for every happy story is the stress that lock down has had on families.

In the workforce, some people are returning to an uncertain future and others to put their fabulous creative ideas into action.   We all know there will be a ‘New Norm’ and uncertain what form it will take.    

My direct selling business with USANA health Sciences has increased in traction over the lockdown period with people wanting to maintain or enhance their current health and wellness status.  Check out the USANA products that could help you.

If you have an entrepreneurial personality that wants to find a place to be creative and grow a global business, please contact me as I would love to share this amazing business that I am part of.

Over the lock down I have run two online talks based on the Nutritional and Emotional Pillars.  These two Pillars have been important to enhance over this time.  Again some people have used the lock down as a time to increase exercise with the help of online presentations and going for walks.  Others have chosen to use the time to catch up on sleep and maybe Netflix, or reading.   

Diana Rickman gave a great talk on using Tapping or EFT as a ideal tool to shift some emotional patterns that can hold us back. Well worth exploring.  Rachel Garnham talked about comfort eating and keeping more to a Mediterranean type of eating. Coming up we have the Social Pillar which will be held at the Larder Café in Hastings on 14th June.  Learn more about the Pillars here and at

Whatever we choose to do, enjoy our new found ‘freedom’.