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One Door Closes and another Opens

When One Door Closes another Opens

How often have we heard that saying and how often does it feel like all doors are jammed shut.

Listening to 7 Sharp last night with the projected redundancy numbers in New Zealand made me think of all the lost goals and dreams facing many families.   

Many years ago we were in a similar situation and we decided to gather the family around the table and shared the news.   We decided to get out the whiteboard and put down our options of what could be trimmed off our expense account and what we could do to increase our income.   At that time, I had my own business that was earning enough to pay the rent, so I closed the business down and went back to the hospital to work for wages.   My husband found another way to make income, which was better than before.  

 It was only a matter of months before we were planning a family trip to Rarotonga, much to the delight of the children.   The one thing we didn’t have then, that I have now is a Direct Selling Business.  If we had a Direct Selling business then I would have increased my activity and had another stream of income paying the monthly bills.     I can certainly recommend looking behind this door.   These type of businesses usually have a slower start and then build momentum. 

Doors will open, they always do!   We have to be ready to see the doors and then have the courage to walk through the door and explore what is on the other side.      

Stay strong and stay in your creative space.