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Resetting and Refocusing our Digestive System

Digestive health is a central tenet of proper nutrition. Regularity and comfort during digestion allow you to feel your best after each meal. And digestive health can help you reach your weight-related goals, too. You can support healthy digestion with a protein- and fiber-packed digestive support supplement—USANA Digestive Health Protein Drink.
Here’s how this delicious drink can optimize your digestion:
Helps maintain a healthy, happy gut microbiome with prebiotic fiber to feed your microflora
Provides 10 grams of a plant-based protein source that is easy on your stomach
Packs digestive enzymes into a shake to help breakdown food and support healthy digestion
Offers up five grams of fiber (per serving) to keep you feeling fuller, longer and support regularity for more comfortable digestion
Acts as a low-glycemic snack option with no added sugars to support weight-management efforts
Supports overall wellness with a full complement of important phytonutrients. 

I am working with a group to set up a 14 day programme to assist our digestive system to RESET, starting on 17th January.     Love you to join us.  Message me ASAP for more information